Future Yachting has organized a scheduled of daily and weekly cruises around top destinations in Greece. Most cruises start at the beginning of the tourist season in Greece (April) and end in autumn.

A common feature of all types of cruises that we offer with our yachts is the provision of activities that enhance your experience while you enjoy your trip to the Greek seas.

Some kinds of our providing activities are:

Taste on board with traditional food & beverage tasting from all over Greece: this gastronomy concept has been prepared for our customers and is a mosaic of authentic Greek flavors and exceptional local wines to savor on one of our yacht cruises.

• Diving and snorkeling: during our yacht cruise, we provide the chance to our customers to enjoy the Greek crystal waters providing to them the appropriate snorkeling equipment.

• Sightseeing guidance: Future Yachting offers sightseeing and guiding tours for its customers by providing the appropriate audio-visual equipment to the passengers so as to maximize their travel experience and enjoyment.